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Appeal details for: 2016-2255(IT)G
Act: Income Tax
Language: English
Date Filed: 02-JUN-16
Hearing Location: TORONTO_2
Procedure: General
Nature: Shareholder benefits
Disposition: Consent Allowed Prior To Hearing
Status: Closed

Appellant Information
Appellant Name: Arif Ahmed
Representative Type: Lawyer
Representative Information: Rosen Kirshen Tax Law
Jeff Kirshen

Related Appeals
Appeal Number Appellant Name
2016-2256(IT)G Hossain, Zakir
2016-2257(IT)G ZAB Services Inc.,

Date Action
02-JUN-16 Notice of Appeal
07-JUN-16 Filing fee paid
08-JUN-16 Tariff Receipt - Form
14-JUN-16 Certificate of Service
28-JUL-16 Letter re: Name of Justice Representative
04-AUG-16 Consent for Reply extension
14-SEP-16 Reply to Notice of Appeal
20-SEP-16 Status Report
11-OCT-16 Timetable submitted
11-OCT-16 Memo requesting Directions (Motion)
27-OCT-16 Interim Order
27-OCT-16 Interim Order sent
03-NOV-16 Affidavit of Service
03-NOV-16 Appellant's List of Documents
08-NOV-16 Order - Timetable
08-NOV-16 Order - Timetable sent
30-NOV-16 Respondent's List of Documents
07-MAR-17 Request to amend timetables
09-MAR-17 Memo (Request/Motion to Amend Timetable Order)
10-MAR-17 Order - Timetable
15-MAR-17 Order - Timetable sent
29-SEP-17 Status Report
29-SEP-17 Consent to Judgment
04-OCT-17 Notice of Change of Address
04-OCT-17 Change of Address
06-OCT-17 Consent Allowed Prior to Hearing
11-OCT-17 Judgment
13-OCT-17 Judgment (Consent to Judgment) sent
14-NOV-17 File Closed


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